Mr. Vidal’s snail candy, garlic in two ways,
velvety of dry ceps of the Lozere mount. 21€

Duck foie gras in three courses;
my first in raviole in its chicken consommé, my second in cocoa marble, my third in crème brulée. 24€

Soft rusk of roasted scallops with rosemary butter,
sublimated sea knife, lemon gel, watercress panna cotta. 22€

Cévennes sweet onion stuffed with porcini mushrooms, chestnuts, small spelt, figatelli, basted with strong cooking juice. 19€


Pork in its tenderloin cooked at low temperature, breast confit in cider, kohlrabi,
onions burned with black garlic, contrast of juices pinched with cocoa. 26€

Lamb from Lozère, Martin’s butchery selection, the hazelnut, the rib,
sweetbreads in three cookings, black cardamon juice and smoked pepper. 32€

Nestling squab from the Baeza family Costières de Nîmes,
pink supreme, confit leg, coriander grenaille apple and smoked herring,
lavender sauce. 29€

Sea bass in three movements, one seared on the skin, the other in cannelloni, and its marinated tartar cooked with orange salt, dill, celery, eggplant, beurre blanc. 32€

Scottish red label salmon filet cooked slowly, hazelnut risotto flavored with batak berries
with batak berries, spice nage with organic Cevennes chili. 26€


Cheese cart, selection of our master cheesemakers. 14€


Beet in textures, raspberries, fresh egg cream. 14€

Mushroom earth creamy vanilla, balance of tonka bean in emulsion. 14€

Chestnut in dark chocolate dress, hazelnut bark, salted butter caramel. 14€

Blood orange, white cheese cookie, pumpkin sorbet. 14€

The plate of sorbet “with the fruits of time”. 12€

Hôtel-Restaurant Le Riche by Sébastien Rath

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