The Carte



Delicate tart with sweet onions from the Cévennes, lace cookie, black garlic and hazelnut cream - €12

Vegetable millefeuille, courgette, aubergines, tomatoes, fresh herb salad - €12

Mediterranean mackerel, black garlic, smoked potato, parsley jus, Béarnaise sauce with liquorice flower - €14

Pressed duck foie gras, Granny Smith apples, celery foam and a surprise lightly fried cromesquis - €18

A selection of fresh produce from the Cévennes, sautéed mushrooms, creamy organic egg, pan-fried foie gras - €16


A garden plate: freshly-picked peas, basil, beetroot, raspberry, pineapple tomato, cauliflower, vanilla - €20

Tender, low-temperature pork, risotto with hazelnuts, Parmesan cheese and a Crau hay sauce (Protected Designation of Origin) - €22

Scallops in lightly salted butter, beetroot interpreted two ways, parsnips, Arabica cream - €24

Black cod, lacquered cod back, stir-fried vegetables - €22

Simmental beef fillet, potatoes, porcini, crunchy green market vegetables - €24


Cheese cart - €9

Pear with white chocolate mousse, cardamom-almond brittle, fromage blanc emulsion - €9

Magnum Cévenol, chestnut liqueur mousse and extract of brown rum - €9

Harmony of raspberries and mulberries with lemon Chiboust cream and a red berry coulis - €9

Chocolate-hazelnut cake with praline crumbly cookie, milk chocolate mousse, extra-dark chocolate ganache and gianduja ice cream - €9

Selection of mini-desserts with tea or coffee - €12

Children’s menu

Served to our guests under the age of twelve

A main dish (fish or meat of the day), dessert and a drink - €12

Useful information

Please inform us if you have any allergies or dietary requirements (vegetarian or other).

The chef reserves the right to modify the menu according to seasonal availability and stocks.
We accept French restaurant vouchers (tickets restaurants), except in payment for the tasting menus
Alcoholic beverages are served only with meals. The abuse of alcohol is dangerous, so drink with moderation.

We serve lunch until 1:30 pm and dinner until 9:15 pm. All prices are net and service is included.