Sébastien Rath takes the helm at the kitchen of Le Riche

Le Riche, a traditional restaurant in Alès that has been serving happy customers for nearly seventy years, is now under the management of Sébastien Rath. This young chef has revamped the old-style décor and given it a contemporary feel. The atmosphere and quality of the cuisine, well-loved over generations, remain unchanged. And Rath has a surprise in store for clients:

“We have renovated the premises to create an entirely open kitchen where clients can watch their meals being made, and see the care we take in all our preparation.”

And of course, Sébastien will be able to see how clients respond to his creations.

“In our kitchens, the terroir, the sun of the Cévennes are palpable … even if, sometimes, the mild onions that grow here bring tears to our eyes.”

The region around Alès, described by Robert Louis Stevenson in his Travels With a Donkey in the Cevennes, now shows a new gastronomic facet to visitors looking for a gourmet experience.

Latest news: Sébastien Rath, award-winner of the Olivier Roellinger 2017 Competition

A competition in three stages: a gastronomic dish to prepare to prepare in two and a half hours, a simple recipe to prepare in thirty minutes, and a barrage of questions on provenance, stocks and seasonality of the ingredients selected for the recipes.

Organized at the Unesco headquarters in Paris, the award-giving ceremony was held in the presence of world-renowned chef and spice expert Olivier Roellinger, François Dupin, chef of the Épi Dupin in Paris and president of Ethic Ocean, a non-profit organization that promotes sustainable fishing, as well as various officials, such as Miguel Pena Castellot (Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, European Commission) and Ludovic Shultz, of the French Ministry of Ecological and Solidarity-Based Development.

Sébastien Rath, at the time chef and manager of l’Atelier Gourmand in Alès and now chef at Le Riche Restauarant, won the sixth edition of the competition in the category of professional chefs, creating a gastronomic dish of cannelloni with cuttlefish ink, smoked trout from the Alès region, and vegetable-seaweed risotto, and for the simpler dish, a trout mousseline and herby polenta.